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About us is a project of short supply chain started in 2012 by Agricultural Firm owned by Pasquale Stigliani in via Parisi, 60 Scanzano Jonico (Matera)- Basilicata, Italy.

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The idea is to offer the possibility to taste the flavors of fresh products, nowadays lost within the glabal supply chain, with a competitive price and with the guarantee of direct purchase from the producer and/or the delivery through a courier.

The direct contact producer/consumer leads to a qualitative and trustworthy relationship, an ameliorated image of the sector, an increase in transparency and leads to a transparant and honest pricing with the possibility to visit the farm during the production phase and the chance to discover a marvellous area, craddle of Magna Grecia in Basilicata

The essence of this project has its roots in our agricutural origin lately evolved in a firm within a globalised context whit the responsability and aim to leave a fertile and productive soil to future generations, as we received it.

The agricultural firm Pasquale Stigliani was born following the agrarian reform in 1953 (farm n. 127 in Scanzano Jonico assigned to Grandad Francesco Carbone).

At the present, the firm has 5 ha and produces mainly Citrus (Oranges and Clementines), peaches, apricots and vegetable (both inside and outside the greenhouse)

(Photovoltaic greenhouse - Aubergines)


Carbon-Free firm; the emissions are balanced by the production of on-site clean energy through a photovoltaic system (thermal solar panels and solar chimney for the heating)  



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